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Action Plan

Global Vaccine Action Plan – English

Global Vaccine Action Plan – French

Global Vaccine Action Plan – Spanish

Global Vaccine Action Plan PDF – English

Global Vaccine Action Plan PDF – French

Global Vaccine Action Plan PDF – Spanish

The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is the result of a global consultation effort which gathered inputs from more than 1,100 people, from 142 countries and 297 organizations, in Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Western Pacific.

The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration would like to express its appreciation to all the individuals and the stakeholders that provided comments and feedback to the draft GVAP.

The GVAP (agenda item 13.12, Document A65/22 and EB130/2012/REC/1, resolution EB130.R12) was discussed by the Members States during the sixty-fifth session of the World Health Assembly, Geneva, 21-26 May 2012, during which all 194 Member States voted to endorse the GVAP.

The Global Vaccine Action Plan, as approved by WHA can be viewed in the following languages:


The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration was initially discussed by the Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly in May 2011 as part of the progress report on the implementation of the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy. Governments, policymakers, elected officials, civil society, health professionals, global development organizations, the research community, manufacturers and other experts are joined forces to create the GVAP, through the work of the four Working Groups and Steering Committee. The plan also went through a consultation process that began in the fall of 2011 and included regional meetings around the globe, dozens of issue-specific gatherings and an online consultation.

Additionally, in January 2012, during the 130th session the Executive Board of the World Health Organization discussed the Draft Global Vaccine Action Plan update under the agenda item 6.12.
Furthermore, the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration shared the GVAP draft during missions briefs held in collaboration with UNICEF and WHO on 19 January in New York and on 6 March in Geneva, respectively.

The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization reviewed the GVAP on three occasions (8 November 2011, 16 February and 12 March 2012). Several SAGE members praised the initiative and what the GVAP is trying to achieve. Their feedback was incorporated in the final GVAP.

The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration hosted a reception at the Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly in May 2012. See highlights from the event in the video below.